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Virtual Book Club: Educated, A Memoir by Tara Westover

Virtual Book Club: Educated, A Memoir by Tara Westover

We are four months into our online, Virtual Book Club, and I’m having a blast.

Our newest selection is Educated, a Memoir by Tara Westover.

The book is 352 pages.

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Why I Selected Educated, A MemoirEducated Memoir Virtual Book Club

As a former educator and someone who spent twenty years of my life in school, I truly believe in the power of education. This is a story where you root for the underdog, the author of this book, who overcame amazing obstacles in her life. In this case, life is stranger than fiction.  

What is Educated About?

In this remarkable memoir, the author tells of her journey through education, which only begins at the age of 17. Until this point, her father (a Mormon Fundamentalist) had kept her, along with his wife and their seven children “off the grid,” living in rural Idaho, away from doctors, dentists, and teachers. He stockpiled ammunition and hoarded food, waiting for the end of days.

Not only does she break away from this life, she exceeds her wildest expectations, earning a Ph.D. at Cambridge University.

Check out my downloadable “Books Club Questions for EDUCATED, A MEMOIR” at the end of this post! 


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To get a better understanding of how the book club works, check out the “Moloka’i” discussion questions and answers from our Book Chat in March. Scroll to the bottom of that blog post to view them. We were so lucky to have the author attend our last book discussion!

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We chatted non-stop for the full 90-minutes. I have a feeling some still have more to say. If you couldn’t make it to the Virtual Book Club Discussion or are just finding this post now, I’ve provided a complete transcript below. Click on the blue Facebook icon in the corner to check out our discussion. Please add your own thoughts to keep the conversation going.

educated memoir quote never occurred to me that my voice might be as strong as theirs

REMINDER: You can still view the discussion by clicking on the links below. You can still add to the discussion. But all future chats (as of April 2019) take place in the Events section of our Facebook Group.

You can download all these book club discussion questions at the end of this post. 

Book Club Discussion Questions

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