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Must-Have Items for the Work From Home Peeps

*This post was originally published in 2017. With stay-at-home orders in almost every state and parents juggling distance learning and working at home, this post is more relevant than ever. Here are some must-have items to make life easier and more manageable.

Working from home has its perks and challenges. For some of us, like me, there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. After the morning rush to get the kids on the bus, I sit down to work, and before I know it, the kids are home.

There’s also the added distraction of having a home office and working in the place where you live: dirty dishes, laundry, a kitchen stocked with your favorite foods, and a pet desperate for your attention. And with no commute or home office, if you WFH, it’s difficult to officially end your workday.

What Gifts Do People Who Work from Home Want?

Of course, they want more time in the day. More time with their kids. More time to get it all done. Since that isn’t possible, here’s a list of some items that make life easier for a person who works from home.

Cheers to those working from home who make it look easy. 

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Gift Guide for the Work from Home Peeps

1. Amazon Echo

amazon echo in twilight blue
From the moment I go downstairs, I start using the Echo:

  • Alexa, what’s the weather? (as I’m brewing my coffee)
  • Alexa, what’s the news? (as I’m making lunches for the kids)
  • Alexa, set a timer for 7:45 am (to alert my children to put on their shoes).
  • Alexa, connect Bluetooth (as I sit down to work, listening to music).
  • Alexa, play white noise (to calm my puppy).

With constant updates and “skills” added to Alexa, this product keeps improving. No doubt, it’s a gift they will use for years. The Amazon Dot is at a much lower price point but if you plan on using the Echo often, it’s worth it to spend a bit more for the higher quality speakers.

2. Spotify Subscription Gift Card

For a long time, I used the free Spotify plan through iTunes. But then, my husband got a Premium account ($10 per month) and we soon switched to the Family Plan. For $15 per month, my family and I get access to unlimited ad-free music on each of our devices. With a Premium plan, you get higher quality sound, the ability to download songs to play offline on your devices, the option to play specified songs instead of shuffling through an album, and you can take full advantage of Spotify’s entire library, including new releases.

spotify gift card
A Spotify gift card makes a great gift for anyone who works from home and needs background noise to help them focus. 

3. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

These Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones integrate with Alexa.
bose quietcomfort 35 wireless headphones bluetooth noise canceling alexa
This is by far one of my husband’s favorite possessions. He won’t travel anywhere without them.

The sound is amazing. I can attest to the fact that it really blocks out the sound (as I tap him on the shoulder and realize he hasn’t heard a word I’ve said). Not only does it cancel out sounds around you (like a barking dog as you walk down the street) to make a better listening experience but it also improves the quality of your voice, blocking out the background noises on your end (perhaps some screaming children in the background).

They’re consistently rated as one of the best wireless headphones for making phone calls. It makes conference calls easy and provides comfort, wireless (or wired) capability, and true sound quality.

4. Aqua Notes

aqua notes shower note pad

I was skeptical about Aqua Notes at first but it works! When you work at home, your mind never shuts off. Straight from a conference call to the shower, your head is still spinning. How often do you come up with a genius idea mid-shower only to forget it moments later? Now, your ideas have staying power.


5. Keurig K-Cafe Latte and Cappuccino Maker

This Keurig K-Cafe Latte and Cappuccino maker does it all. You already have the ambiance of a coffee house with the Echo and Spotify, now you can drink your fancy drinks and iced coffee too.

For a while, I moved away from the Keurig but you can’t beat the consistency and taste of the coffee. It’s fast and easy, and if you can use environmentally friendly reusable K-cups. I’m pleasantly surprised how often I use the frothed milk feature.

6. To-Do List Mug

to do list funny mug

This To-Do List Mug is hands-down my absolute favorite item on this holiday list. I mean who wouldn’t get a kick out of this mug? First of all, it speaks the truth. Secondly, working at home means no one is there to pump you up, other than yourself. So, go ahead and remind yourself to be awesome!

7. Himalayan Salt Lamp

With lots of knockoffs out there, make sure you buy the real thing. Having a salt lamp is like having a plant in your office, only better.

levoit elura himalayan salt lamp gift for people who work from home

What are the benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp? Proponents of salt lamps claim that they purify the air, reduce allergens, improve concentration and even help seasonal affective disorder (which I totally have), among other things. And even if you don’t believe the hype, salt lamps still look cool!

8. Microwave Warming Neck Wrap

I’m one of those people who hold all the tension in my neck and shoulders. I use this microwaveable neck wrap routinely to relax and prevent neck aches. Sitting in front of my laptop all day long causes intense strain. Since I started using this, I no longer need to see a chiropractor. Simply pop this neck wrap in the microwave to heat it.
microwave warming neck wrap for stress and tension
Filled with chamomile, lavender, and peppermint, it smells like you’ve stepped into a spa.

9. Unisex Indoor Outdoor Slippers with Removable Soles

I wear slippers all day long when I’m working from home. I always remove my shoes every time I come into the house. But I’m also always running outside to walk the dog, get the mail, or bring out the trash. I know some companies boast slippers that can be worn inside or outside. But I don’t really understand the purpose: once I’ve worn them outside, they’re shoes, right? I’m bringing the dirt and germs right back into my house.
dualyz unisex indoor outdoor slipper with removable sole

These Dualyz unisex slippers are a brilliant concept. Wear them as slippers inside the house. Quickly add the rubber sole when you go outside and they act as shoes. Take off the soles and the germs stay off your floors. They’re unisex too and they come in tons of fun colors.

10. YogaBo Ergonomic Ball

This ergonomic ball replaces an office chair and provides comfort and stability. It claims to improve your core while you work. Unlike their other chairs, this one gets its stability from pumped air.

If you’ve never sat on a Yogibo, you’re missing out. Essentially, it’s a giant bean bag that conforms to you, giving total body support. Although it’s hard to have any semblance of grace while getting up, it’s worth the awkwardness. We have one in front of our fireplace and everyone, including the puppy, fights for that seat. Yogibos are a popular gift for kids too.

Holiday Gift Guide for Work from Home Peeps Yogibo Frenchton
yogibo office chair

Speaking of improving your core, many people who work from home also work out at home, like me. Be sure to check out more of my fitness-related posts. 

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Suzi Whitford

Saturday 25th of April 2020

I love it! Those slippers look comfy and practical :-)


Sunday 26th of April 2020

Right? Why didn't I think of it? Genius. Just gotta keep this pair away from my dogs. They LOVE my slippers.

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