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22 Super Stylish Apple Watch Bands

22 Super Stylish Apple Watch Bands

When Apple Watches first came out, it was enough of a fashion statement simply to wear one.

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Now, with Apple Watches more popular than ever, here are some ways to stand out from the crowd and express your creativity and sense of style. (Tip: Did you know you can buy Apple Watches renewed?)

Always make sure that these watch bands fit your particular series of Apple Watch.

If you want to know more about why I love my Apple Watch so much and how it makes mom life so much easier, check out my blog post on my favorite ways to use the Apple Watch every day.

Check out my downloadable  “Top Ten Favorite Apple Watch Apps” list at the end of this post!

Apple Watch Band that are Absolute Statement Pieces

Floral Apple Watch Band

Lilly Pulitzer Leather Watch Band: check out these bold floral patterns with a gold clasp. These bands are perfect for getting us in the spring mood.

bright floral lilly pulitzer apple watch band

Scrunchies Elastic Apple Watch Band: this two-pack is super cute. They come in tons of bright, fun colors. My daughter asked if you could wear them in your hair. Good question!

floral scrunchie apple watch bands

Faux Leather Monogrammed Floral Apple Watch Band: this dark gray floral watch band tastefully includes your monogrammed initials. The buckles are black stainless steel.

monogram flower apple watch band
Photo by PrintsAndFonts

Animal Prints Apple Watch Bands

Faux Leather Cowhide Print and Crystal Bead Apple Watch Band: I know their listing says leopard but this print screams cow to me. This may be my favorite watch band of them all. Super stylish and affordable, this watch band will surely grab everyone’s attention.

Photo by StrawberryAvocados

Snow Leopard Elastic Apple Watch Band: I really love the snow leopard design. These bands are all handmade by an all-women company.

elastic snow leopard apple watch band
Photo by dooglelinhk

Boho Hippie Faux Snakeskin Chain Bracelet Apple Watch Band: The artist encourages you to measure your wrist before ordering. This band comes in various colors and totally dresses up your Apple Watch.

boho braided chain apple watch band
Photo by MAREVOStore

Thin Crisscross Leather Apple Watch Band: this watch band also comes in other colors and without patterns. I really like the champagne brown leather which has a bit of sparkle paired with the plain brown band.

thin crisscross leather apple watch band
Photo by JordynJamesCo

Vegan Leather Cream and Rose Gold Studded Apple Watch Band: this simple band can be dressed up or down, yet it’s neutral enough to go well with any outfit.

vegan leather cream colored apple watch band
Photo by Simeon D Jewelry

Beaded Apple Watch Bands

Elastic Beaded Apple Watch Band: this affordable watch band bracelet is an easy way to dress up any outfit. It comes in a variety of colors.

pink beaded apple watch band

Four-strand Beaded Apple Watch Band: this Etsy artist also created the criss-cross watch band (above). This watch band is both casual and pretty.

multicolor beaded apple watch band
Photo by JordynJamesCo

Gatsby Apple Watch Band: I am obsessed with this band. It’s just a stunning creation. I ordered this one for myself.

beaded dressy apple watch band
Photo by Copper Robbin

Use this link and COUPON CODE: Michelle15 TO GET 15 PERCENT OFF the Gatsby or any Copper Robbin purchase. Check out her amazing jewelry too!

Studded Apple Watch Bands

Black Leather Gold-Studded Apple Watch Band: if you know me in person, this is 100-percent my go-to style. In fact, the creator features this watch band along with my favorite Rebecca Minkoff purse. You can see the exact handbag I have and how scored a deal on it in this post I wrote about Poshmark.

gold studded black apple watch band
Photo by Copper Robin Boutique
lavendar studded apple watch band
Photo by Copper Robin Boutique

It also comes in lavender-gray leather with silver studs.

Use this link and COUPON CODE: Michelle15 TO GET 15 PERCENT OFF any Copper Robbin purchase. Check out her amazing jewelry too!

Metallic Stud Elastic Apple Watch Band: when I was a kid I had one of those bedazzlers. If only my studded accessories came out this nice! (Apparently, you can still buy the original bedazzler–who knew?) Anyhoo, I love this watch band.

elastic studded apple watch band
Photo by dooglelinhk

Metal and Leather Apple Watch Bands

Elastic Metal Bracelet Apple Watch Band: this metal bracelet is perfect for everyday watch-wearing. It comes in a variety of metal tones.

copper and silver elastic apple watch band

Stainless Steel Snap Apple Watch Band: this reminds me of those Tiffany mesh rings that were so popular years ago. Just like the ring, this mesh band is timeless (no pun intended). This band also comes in various metal finishes.

White Leather Apple Watch Band: I love the simplicity of this band but the white leather gives it a bit more oomph. It also comes in different colors and materials.

white leather buckle apple watch band

Double Wrap Leather Apple Watch Band: this band is more expensive than most featured here, but just one look at it, and you can see how rich the leather looks. Made from Horween leather, this watch has a dual strap.

Photo by olpr

Burnished Leather Apple Watch Band: personally, I think this band looks more expensive than it is. Burnished leather (a process that darkens parts of the leather by pressure) makes this band more unique than most of the leather bands out there.

brown burnished leather apple watch band
Photo by CKR Leather

Geometric Print Apple Watch Bands

Boho Geometric Print Silicone Apple Watch Band: this band is affordable and easy to take on and off. It’s not recommended for heavy active use so I probably wouldn’t wear it during a workout. But it’s super cute for every day wear.

blue and pink geometric silicone apple watch band
Photo by 2chichicks

I also really like this band by the same Etsy artisan, featuring a serape print, used most often for Mexican blankets.

multicolor serape apple watch band
Photo by 2chichicks

Apple Watch Band Splurge

If you’re looking for a luxury brand of Apple Watch bands, look no further than Lagos. These stainless steel watches start in the $600 plus range and go for thousands.

stainless steel lagos apple band watch
Find it at Nordstrom

Looking for a cool way to organize and store your Apple Watch bands?

Check out this Apple Watch band organizer. It also holds your Apple Watch charger when traveling.

camo design apple watch band storage case

Final Thoughts

If you have been thinking about getting an Apple Watch, I sincerely doubt you will regret the purchase. I limited this post to only five things but there are various apps I use regularly.

For more favorites, check out my free downloadable “Top Ten Favorite Apple Watch Apps” list: 

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fun and stylish apple watch bands

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