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The Most Emotional Peloton Rides When You Need a Good Cry

Is it sweat or am I crying? Some rides take us on an emotional rollercoaster. Maybe it’s the endorphins, maybe it’s the motivational push, or maybe it’s just the stress release your body needs. Peloton has its share of emotional rides and even created a recent mood series. So go ahead, jump on that bike and grab your tissues.

If you’re wondering which Peloton instructor tops the list of emotional rides, it’s Christine D’Ercole. In one of the Peloton Facebook groups, a member called CDE the Barbara Walters of Peloton because she makes everyone cry. I think that description is spot on.

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Here Are More Than 25 of Peloton’s Most Emotional Rides:

Alex Toussaint’s Most Emotional Peloton Rides

  1. 5-year Anniversary Ride, 45-minutes, 2/8/21

2. Mother’s Day Ride with Jenn Sherman, 45-minutes, 5/9/21

alex toussaint peloton
Alex Toussaint

Ally Love’s Most Emotional Peloton Rides

3. Feel Good Mother’s Day Ride, 45-minutes, 5/12/19

4. Sundays with Love series, especially this one, 45-minutes, 10/6/19

5. Whitney Houston Ride, 30-minutes, 7/1/20

Christine D’Ercole’s Most Emotional Peloton Rides

6. P!nk Ride, 30-minutes, 11/1/19

7. Melissa Etheridge Ride, 30-minutes, 12/11/19

8. WHM Celebration Ride, 60-minutes, 3/8/20

9. Low Impact Ride, 30-minutes, 3/23/20

10. Pentatonix Ride, 45-minutes, 12/13/20

11. WHM Ride, 45-minutes, 3/14/21

12. The Chicks Ride, 45-minutes, 3/24/21

13. Reflection Ride series starting with 4/7/21

14. Remembrance Ride, 20-minutes, 9/11/21

Denis Morton’s Most Emotional Peloton Ride

15. Reset Ride “The Golden Buddha Story,” 30-minutes, 2/11/21 (Note: Peloton purged the original ride where he tells this story).

Emma Lovewell’s Most Emotional Peloton Ride

16. Coldplay Ride, 30-minutes 11/21/19

emma lovewell peloton
Emma Lovewell

Jenn Sherman’s Most Emotional Peloton Ride

17. Tribute Ride, 30-minutes, 11/30/21 (in memory of her good friend and OG Peloton rider, Howard Godnick who inspired her in so many ways but also led to her TV theme ride class, now purged).

Jess King’s Most Emotional Peloton Rides

18. 7 Year Anniversary Ride, 30-minutes, 3/20/21

19. Pop Ride, 15-minutes, 3/27/21

Kendall Toole’s Most Emotional Peloton Rides

20. World Mental Health Day Ride, 30-minutes, 10/10/20

21. Mental Health Awareness Ride, 30-minutes, 5/10/21

22. Mood Ride: Sad, 30-minutes, 6/23/21

TIP: You’ll find more mood rides under Collections.

kendall toole peloton
Kendall Toole

Robin Arzon’s Most Emotional Peloton Rides

23. The Greatest Showman Ride, 30-minutes, 11/16/18

24. Pop Ride: Live From Home, (1st in the series), 30-minutes, 4/22/20

25. Together We Go Far (pregnancy announcement), 30-minutes, 9/11/20

26. Turkey Burn, 45-minutes, 11/26/20

27. Together We Ride (introducing baby Athena), 30-minutes, 7/9/21

TIP: Check out this blog post of 125 Plus Peloton Inspirational Quotes.

Tunde Oyeneyin’s Most Emotional Peloton Rides

28. Speak Up series, especially this one, 30-minutes, 6/3/20

29. R&B Ride (dedicated to her mother), 15-minutes, 7/9/20

Let’s hope these rides stick around. The Pride ride where Denis Morton tells the story of the Golden Budhha deserves a mention, however, Peloton purged it from their class library.

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sad woman

If You Want a Peloton Ride to Make You Laugh

If you need a good laugh, take one of Cody’s XOXO rides.

workout planners

Final Thoughts

Did I leave any rides out? Let me know. Also, be sure to subscribe below as I keep these lists current. And in case of another purge of the class library (fingers crossed that won’t happen any time soon), you’ll be the first to know.

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