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How to Find the Best Peloton Rides: Fun Themed Fan Favorites

With thousands of Peloton rides on demand, it can be overwhelming to decide which classes to take. If you’re anything like me, finding that perfect class can be a daunting task. Some people stick to the same instructor. Others only take live rides, while others avoid them altogether.

Peloton displays its trending rides and top picks but searching the archives for past rides isn’t always easy. Lucky for you, I’ve curated a list of more than fun themed Peloton rides and fan favorites (and I’m constantly updating). These are some of the best Peloton classes around.

What if I told you that I took it one step further and created an alphabetical checklist of popular theme rides? I’ve provided a space to write down the dates you take the class and your output. These classes are so much fun that you’ll likely take them again and again. (The Greatest Showman is my happy ride). Wouldn’t it be nice to track your progress?

To find out how to get a free printable checklist of the “Most Fun Peloton Themes Rides,” (info below)! You can also download the list onto your device and bookmark the rides from there. Sign up below.

* This post was updated in February 2021 to reflect new class lists and purged rides from the on-demand library.

How do you search for a particular ride?

If you’re in front of an actual Peloton bike, that’s the easiest way to search for a ride. It’s not foolproof. Peloton classifies many of their rides in less than intuitive ways.

For example, try searching for an Abba ride. While 15 classes come up with Abba songs, the playlists contain only one to two of their songs. Yet, if you were to search for Dancing Queen Musical, well then, you’d find an entire class dedicated to Abba. As another example, years ago there were a couple of Top Gun rides. You couldn’t find them unless you knew to search for Maverick.

Searching for a specific class on the Peloton bike

  1. Go onto the bottom part of your screen. You will see the following: Home, Classes, Schedule, Challenges, More
  2. Click on classes
  3. In the search bar on top, type in the name of a class title or music artist
  4. Search through the matching classes
  5. Bookmark it. You may never find it again. (To bookmark, click on the bookmark icon in the upper-righthand corner).
  6. Once the classes get bookmarked, you can find them anywhere: bike, app, or computer.

Bookmarking without the bike

If you’re not near your bike when someone recommends a class or if you are a digital app rider and can’t do the above steps, what do you do?

As of today’s date, you can’t search for a particular class without a bike. Even if you own the bike, you still can’t conduct a thorough search via the digital app or on a laptop.

So, what’s the alternative?

If you’re not a member of the Official Peloton Member Facebook page, join it right now.

There, on any given day, people will recommend their favorite rides. You can search the archives for past rides or seek out the advice of others (there are almost 200,000 members).

Someone may ask: Is there a Lady Gaga ride? Members chime in and direct them to that ride. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there’s no longer a Lady Gaga ride since the recent music purge (more about that below).

Once you have that information, you’ll have to go onto the digital app and utilize its next best option: the filter. Then bookmark it! You’ll find all your bookmarks in the filter tab.

1. Use the Peloton filter on a computer

To use the filter on a computer or laptop, go onto Peloton’s class schedule. It’s not too easy to find so I would bookmark this page on your computer. From there, you can use the filter.

You can filter classes by class length, type, instructor, and genre. You may have to search for a while to find the class you’re looking for and once you find it, bookmark it.

2. Use the Peloton filter on the digital app

Click classes, then cycling. The filter pops up there.

If you have any questions on how to search with the app, go onto the Peloton App Users Facebook group. That group is very active and you’ll either find all your answers already asked, or someone is more than able to help you out quickly.

For more information on using the app with your own equipment, check out my posts on the best bikes or best treadmills to use with the Peloton app. And, if you’ve been eyeing the Peloton treadmill, here’s everything you need to know about the Peloton Tread.

3. Click on the links provided in the list below and bookmark the classes

I’ve included links to all classes on the Fan Favorites list. Simply click the link and bookmark it.

The New and Complete List of the Most Fun Themed Peloton Rides So Far

peloton deck of cards to choose a class

Get a free printable checklist of the “Most Fun Peloton Themes Rides,” scroll down to the bottom of this post! You can also download the list onto your device and bookmark the rides from there. Sign up below.

Listed in order of oldest ride to newest:

Note: if you’re a Peloton member, bookmark these rides so you can find them easily. You’ll have to log in. Click on the links below to do so.

Feel free to bookmark and print from this list but if you want a fun way to select and keep track of your rides, download the checklist, with rides listed alphabetically. There’s also a place to note the date you take the ride and your output. You’ll find out how at the end of this post.


SHANIA TWAIN, “90s Country,” 20 minutes, Hannah Corbin 9/27/18

FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE & SIA, “30 Minute Pop Ride, 30 minutes, Emma Lovewell, 10/7/18

PHIL COLLINS RIDE, “80s Ride,” 20 minutes, Hannah Corbin, 10/25/18

QUEEN ROCK RIDE, 30 minutes, Denis Morton 11/2/18

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN RIDE, 30 minutes, Robin Arzon 11/16/18


DIANA ROSS RIDE, 30 minutes, Ally Love 2/14/19

MOTOWN RIDE, Alex Toussaint 2/23/19

BACKSTREET BOYS RIDE, 30 minutes, Cody Rigsby 5/17/19

CHER RIDE, 30 minutes, Ally Love 6/13/19

MADONNA RIDE, 30 minutes, Robin Arzon 6/28/19

ALL FOR ONE RIDE, 45 minutes, all instructors 7/4/19

PAUL MCCARTNEY & WINGS RIDE, 30 minutes, Denis Morton, 7/19/19

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS RIDE, 45 minutes, Emma Lovewell 7/24/19

LIZZO RIDE, 30 minutes, Robin Arzon 8/2/19

SHAKIRA RIDE, 30 minutes, Hannah Marie Corbin 9/19/19

THE JESS KING EXPERIENCE, 30 minutes, 10/31/19

PITBULL RIDE, 30 minutes, Ally Love 10/10/19

JLO RIDE, 30 minutes, Robin Arzon and Jess King 10/15/19

ROCKY HORROR SHOW RIDE, 30 minutes, Jess King 10/29/19

HALLOWEEN RIDE, 30 minutes, Matt Wilpers (dressed as Cody Rigsby), 10/30/19

BOO-TACULAR DJ RIDE, 30 minutes, Matt Wilpers (dressed as Cody Rigsby), 10/31/19

P!NK RIDE, 30 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 11/1/19

BILLY JOEL RIDE, 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman 11/14/19

COLDPLAY, 30 minutes, Emma Lovewell 11/21/19

MELISSA ETHERIDGE, 30 minutes, Christine D’Ercole, 12/11/19

CELINE DION, 30 minutes, Leanne Hainsby, 12/19/19

workout planners


WEEZER, 30 minutes, Denis Morton 1/2/20

LADY GAGA, 30 minutes, Cody Rigsby 1/16/20

BILLIE EILISH, 30 minutes, Kendall Toole, 1/23/20

GUNS N’ ROSES, 30 minutes, Olivia Amato 1/30/20

SMOKEY ROBINSON RIDE, 30 minutes, Hannah Corbin, 2/13/20

BIG BAND RIDE, 30 minutes, Leanne Hainsby 2/27/20

KESHA RIDE, 30 minutes, Olivia Amato 3/12/20

MADAME GHANDI, “Live DJ Ride,” 30 minutes, Robin Arzon 3/13/20

THE LAST DANCE, inspired by the Michael Jordan documentary, 30 minutes, Alex Toussaint, 5/16/20

K-POP, BTS Ride, 30 minutes, Ally Love, 5/29/20

RICKY MARTIN, 30 minutes, Cody Rigsby, 6/12/20

DISNEY SOUNDTRACK, Low Impact, 15 minutes, Emma Lovewell, 6/16/20 *for more Disney rides, see my Peloton Soundtracks post.

JAM BAND RIDE, 20 minutes, Hannah Corbin, 6/20/20

KING PRINCESS RIDE, 20 minutes, Emma Lovewell, 6/23/20

DOLLY PARTON, 30 minutes, Robin Arzon, 6/26/20

WHITNEY HOUSTON, 30 minutes, Ally Love, 7/1/20

ALL FOR ONE RIDE, 45 minutes, multiple instructors, 7/2/20

ALL FOR ONE MORE RIDE, 45 minutes, multiple instructors, 7/2/20

GRATEFUL DEAD RIDE, 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman, 7/8/20

CLASSICAL MUSIC RIDE, 30 minutes, Christine D’Ercole, 7/14/20

BRITNEY SPEARS RIDE, 30 minutes, Cody Rigsby, 7/15/20

BRITNEY SPEARS WARM UP RIDE, 10 minutes, Cody Rigsby, 7/15/20

LIL WAYNE RIDE, 45 minutes, Alex Toussaint 7/22/20

JAM BAND RIDE, 30 minutes, Denis Morton, 7/24/20

COMMON RIDE, 30 minutes, Tunde Oyeneyin, 7/29/20

ELLIE GOULDING RIDE, 30 minutes, Olivia Amato, 8/5/20

PRINCE RIDE, 30 minutes, 30 minutes, Emma Lovewell & Ally Love, 8/12/20

PRINCE WARM UP RIDE, 5 minutes, Ally Love 8/12/20

PRINCE COOL DOWN RIDE, 5 minutes, Emma Lovewell 8/12/20

JAM BAND RIDE, 20 minutes, Denis Morton, 8/18/20

AFROBEATS RIDE, 20 minutes, Tunde Oyeneyin, 8/20/20

MINISTRY OF SOUND: I LOVE IBIZA, 30 minutes, Ben Alldis 8/24/20

THE WEEKND, 30 minutes, Jess King, 8/26/20

CARNIVAL CELEBRATION RIDE, 30 minutes, Hannah Frankson, 8/29/20

REGGAE RIDE, 20 minutes, Denis Morton, 8/29/20

DEADMAU5 RIDE, 30 minutes, Kendall Toole, 8/30/20

SEAN PAUL RIDE, 30 minutes, Hannah Frankson, 9/2/20

CARNIVAL CELEBRATION RIDE, 30 minutes, Ally Love, 9/5/20

WYCLEF JEAN, 30 minutes, Alex Toussaint, 9/9/20

CLASSICAL MUSIC RIDE, 20 minutes, Christine D’Ercole, 9/10/20

TOGETHER WE RIDE, pregnancy announcement, 30 minutes, Robin Arzon, 9/11/20

MINISTRY OF SOUND: CLUB ANTHEMS, 45 minutes, Ben Alldis 9/23/20

KEITH URBAN, 30 minutes, Hannah Corbin, 9/25/20

JAM BAND RIDE, 20 minutes, Denis Morton, 9/26/20

ALICIA KEYS RIDE, 30 minutes,Jess King, 10/7/20

WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY RIDE, 30 minutes, Kendall Toole, 10/10/20

HAMILTON RIDE, Broadway Series, 30 minutes, Robin Arzon 10/14/20

AFROBEATS RIDE, 30 minutes, Tunde Oyeneyin, 10/17/20

MINISTRY OF SOUND: THE CHILL OUT, 20 minutes, Ben Alldis 10/21/20

BEYONCE RIDE, “Two for One,” 30 minutes, Alex and Tunde, 11/9/20

BEYONCE RIDE, 30 minutes, Ally Love, 11/13/20

METALLICA RIDE, 30 minutes, Kendall Toole 11/18/20

METALLICA RIDE, 30 minutes, Erik Jager 11/23/20

OUTKAST RIDE, 30 minutes, Denis Morton, 12/2/20

PENTATONIX RIDE, 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole, 12/13/20

ELVIS RIDE, 30 minutes, Emma Lovewell, 12/16/20

THE BEATLES RIDE VOLUME 1, 30 minutes, Leanne Hainsby, 12/25/20

THE BEATLES RIDE VOLUME 2, 45 minutes, Denis Morton, 12/25/20

CALVIN HARRIS RIDE, 30 minutes, Ben Alldis, 12/30/20


MILEY CYRUS RIDE, 30 minutes, Jess King, 1/9/21

POST MALONE RIDE, 30 minutes, Ally Love, 1/27/21

BOB MARLEY RIDE, 30 minutes, Denis Morton, 2/3/21

BAD BOY ENTERTAINMENT RIDE, 45 minutes, Tunde & Alex, 2/27/21

Keep Track of All Your Rides and Milestones

Plan your next workout, keep track of your milestones (did you get a shout-out?), and check off every ride that you take. Plus, celebrate with these milestone magnets. They’re all available in the My Purse Strings shop.

Purged Rides

Many of the older rides that originally appeared in this list have been removed from the on-demand library as a result of a recent purge. You can find a list of popular rides that Peloton purged here in this blog post.

Once you get to know the instructors, you’ll want to know more about them. Check out this blog post all about their surprising careers before they came to Peloton.

I revise this list a few times per week. Make sure to subscribe to automatically receive access to all updated lists.

For more fun Peloton rides, check out Peloton Soundtracks post featuring the complete list of TV, movie, and Broadway musical playlists.

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Do Classes Stay in The Peloton Library Forever?

Funny, you should ask. These rides are here today but could be gone tomorrow.

The last time I published a list of rides to my Resource Library, I woke up to find that Peloton purged about 25 percent of those classes overnight.

Peloton occasionally purges classes from its library for an array of reasons. Remember, Peloton is a software company first and foremost. Sometimes they remove very old rides or those from former instructors. Sometimes, they’re freeing up space in their library. Other times, they’re in the midst of a music licensing lawsuit. And if you’re thinking, why didn’t Peloton get the license in the first place? Well, it’s not so clear-cut. There are several different types of licenses out there and Peloton is in a unique situation and it’s very different from a gym or the radio.  We’ll just have to see how it plays out.

While some have complained that their favorite rides have disappeared, as you can see, there’s no shortage of classes and there’s something for everyone. I really miss A Star is Born. Lady Gaga is one of the artists involved in this litigation.

Please keep me updated if one of these classes gets removed or if you want me to include another fan favorite.

Get the free checklist of all “Favorite Peloton Theme Rides.” You can either print or view on your device and bookmark them from there. Just sign up below. You’ll always have free access to my lists in the Resource Library and get notified when I make important updates to these files.

You’ll also receive my newsletter and the newest blog updates.

There’s a lot to know about Peloton. If you’re new or have questions you need answering, you’ll want to check out this comprehensive post Peloton 101: Everything A New Rider Wants To Know (But Was Afraid To Ask).

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Sunday 16th of August 2020

This is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to do it! So many great rides...always fun to hear more!


Monday 17th of August 2020

Thanks. Unfortunately, I have to go through all these rides as many of them didn't survive the latest purge :-( I don't know if you already subscribe to my weekly emails but in them, I let you know every time I update the lists and create new ones. Lots more coming!


Friday 14th of August 2020

Tonight, 8/14/2020 they are doing the first DJ ride at 6 pm with Robin Arzon and DJ John Michael.


Friday 14th of August 2020

Yes, I'm signed up to take it! Are you?


Sunday 5th of July 2020

Awesome list, thanks so much for compiling!!


Wednesday 15th of July 2020

Thanks! Not sure if you saw the updates. I still have more to go but lots more added here. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you'll get reminded when I update and access to all printables. Peloton's been adding so many fun rides over the last few months.

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