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Popular Purged Peloton Rides

Popular Purged Peloton Rides

While it doesn’t happen often, every once in a while, Peloton goes through a massive purge of rides.

Usually, they delete older rides (their on-demand library had classes going back to 2015). Sometimes, they remove rides from instructors no longer with the company: Steven Little, Jennifer Jacobs, Nicole Meline. Yep, you heard me. You can no longer find any classes with these beloved instructors.

And, other times, we really don’t know the precise reason for their removal.

This August 2021 (and also in August 2020), Peloton took away a ton of classes without notice. As I updated my popular Fun Themed Peloton Rides post and added the word “removed” next to ride after ride, I decided the best way to deal with this was to compile a list here.

To make it easier for you, the most recently deleted rides (as of August 13, 2021) appear in red.

There was another purge in December 2020. And another in February 2021 which knocked out ALL of my recommended theme rides from 2017, including my favorite Adele ride.

Luckily, the purge doesn’t seem to have affected this post about Peloton rides inspired by TV, Broadway show, and movie soundtracks.

So, if you’re searching for a ride and can no longer find it, there’s a very good chance it got purged.

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List of Loved Rides that Peloton Deleted


Abba, “Dancing Queen Musical Ride,” 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 10/14/15

Abba, 15 minutes, “70s Ride,” Hannah Corbin 8/10/18

AC/DC, “Thunderstruck,” 30 minutes, Steven Little 1/9/17

Adele Ride, “Rolling in the Deep” 30 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 2/10/17

Alanis Morissette, “Ironic Ride,” 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 1/2/16

Arcade Fire, “Y2K Rock Ride,” 30 minutes, Emma Lovewell 8/15/18


Beastie Boys, Sabotage Ride, 30 minutes, Steven Little, 1/23/17

Biggie & Tupac, “90’s Hip Hop Ride,” 30 minutes Alex Toussaint 10/16/18

The Beatles

  • Strawberry Fields Ride, 45 minutes, Jess King 5/17/16
  • Here Comes the Sun Ride, 30 minutes, Hannah Corbin 12/6/16

Billy Idol, “80s Rock Ride,” 45 minutes, Hannah Corbin 7/19/18

Billy Joel Ride, “Only the Good Die Young,” 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman 3/31/16

Billy Joel vs. Elton John Part 1, “Piano Ride vs. Rocket Man,” 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman 3/12/15

Billy Joel vs. Elton John Part 5, “Piano Ride vs. Rocket Man,” 45 minutes, Steven Little 9/17/15 

Billy Joel vs. Elton John Part 3, “Piano Ride vs. Rocket Man,” 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman 10/8/15

Boston & Journey Ride, “Arena Rock,” 45 minutes, Hannah Corbin 2/21/16

Britney Spears & P!nk, “Toxic vs. So What,” 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman 2/16/17


Cher,” Turn Back Time Ride,” 20 minutes, Hanna Corbin 8/12/16

The Cure, “Close to Me Ride,” 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 6/18/16


Dave Matthews Band

  • Ants Marching, 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 6/4/16
  • Crash vs. Cave (Mumford & Sons), 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 9/3/16

Depeche Mode, “People are People Ride,” 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 2/18/17

Diana Ross, 30 minutes, Ally Love 2/14/19

Dirty Dancing Rides:

  • Dirty Dancing Jams Ride, 45 minutes, Robin Arzon 8/4/15
  • Low Impact, 20 minutes, Robin Arzon 1/9/19

Drake vs. The Weeknd, Hype vs. The Hills Ride, Cody Rigsby 9/9/16


The Eagles Ride, Music Legends, 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman 3/2/17

Earth, Wind and Fire & Stevie Wonder Ride, 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman 10/1/15

Elton John, 45 minutes, Jess King 12/1/18 (see the new one with Jenn Sherman)


Fleetwood Mac

  • “Edge of Seventeen,” 30 minutes, Jennifer Jacobs, 5/13/16
  • Music Legends, 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman 4/20/17

Florence and the Machine

“Shake It Out Ride,” 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 9/21/16

Florence and the Machine & Sia,”30 Minute Pop Ride, 30 minutes, Emma Lovewell, 10/7/18

Peloton classes


Genesis Ride, 45 minutes Jenn Sherman 3/23/17

George Michael, “Dance Pop Ride,” 20 minutes, Cody Rigsby 1/26/16

Grease Ride, “You’re the One that I Want,” 45 minutes, Jess King, 2/4/15

The Greatest Showman, Low Impact, 20 minutes, Robin Arzon, 2/7/18 (the 30-minute ride listed below is the more popular one and still exists)

The Grateful Dead, “Classic Rock Ride,” 45 minutes, Hannah Corbin, 4/11/18 *see Jenn Sherman’s 2020 ride

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Hamilton, 30 minutes, Robin Arzon, 2/9/16 (There’s a recent Hamilton ride with Robin that you can find here).

Hall and Oates, “Maneater,” 20 minutes, Hannah Marie Corbin 6/10/16


Imagine Dragons Ride, 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 6/19/18 (see the new one with Sam Yo)


(Best of) Jam Bands, 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole, 5/11/17

Jimmy Buffett, “It’s 5pm Somewhere Ride,” 45 minutes, Jennifer Jacobs, 6/26/16

Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin,” 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman 11/5/15


Kansas, “Wayward Son Ride,” 30 minutes, Hannah Corbin, 1/7/16


Led Zeppelin Ride, Music Legends, 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman 2/23/17


Madonna, “80s Pop Ride,” 45 minutes, Hannah Corbin 7/18/18 *see Robin’s June 2019 ride which still exists

Metallica, Metal Climb, 45 minutes, Steven Little 3/4/16

Michael Jackson Rides

  • Pop Thriller, 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman 7/9/15
  • Pop Thriller, 45 minutes, Steven Little, 10/26/15
  • 45 minutes, Jess King 11/11/15

Missy Elliott & Aaliyah, “Work It vs. Rock the Boat,” 45 minutes, Cody Rigsby 1/15/16

Motown, 30 minutes, Alex Toussaint 2/23/19

Mumford & Sons, “Little Lion Man Ride,” 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 6/13/16

Find all the best Peloton Theme Rides that still remain. See the list here.


NYSYNC, “Pop Friday Ride,” 45 minutes, Cody Rigsby 10/14/16


Pearl Jam, “90s Rock Ride,” 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole, 3/14/17 (see the new one with Jenn Sherman)

Peter Gabriel & Phil Collins, “Boomer Ride,” 30 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 3/31/16

Phil Collins, “80s Ride,” 20 minutes, Hannah Corbin, 10/25/18


  • “Bouncin’ Round Part 2 Ride,” 45 minutes, Jess King 10/21/15
  • Rock Ride, 45 minutes, Hannah Corbin 6/21/17


  • “Raise Your Glass,” 30 minutes, Jenn Sherman 2/14/17 (Christine’s 2019 ride still exists)
  • see Britney ride above

Pink Floyd Ride, “Boomer Ride,” 30 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 12/18/15

The Police, “Message in a Bottle,” 45 minutes, Hannah Corbin 1/29/17

Pretty In Pink Ride, 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 2/8/17

Pulp Fiction, “Royale with Cheese,” 30 minutes, Jennifer Jacobs 10/26/16


Queen Ride, 45 minutes, Robin Arzon 10/22/18

Queen Rock Ride, 30 minutes, Denis Morton 11/2/18


REM vs. U2, “80s College Rock Ride,” 45 minutes, Hannah Corbin 12/18/15

Rent Ride, “Seasons of Love,” 45 minutes, Robin Arzon 3/22/16

The Rolling Stones

  • “Gimme Shelter,” 45 minutes, Steven Little, 8/17/16
  • Music Legends, 45 minutes Jenn Sherman 4/6/17


Shania Twain, “90s Country,” 20 minutes, Hannah Corbin 9/27/18

Sia Rides

  • Chandelier Ride (Part 1), 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 1/23/16
  • Chandelier Ride (Part 2), 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 2/26/16
  • Cheap Thrills, 45 minutes, Robin Arzon 4/27/16
  • Florence and the Machine & Sia, “30 Minute Pop Ride, 30 minutes, Emma Lovewell, 10/7/18

Snow Patrol, “Chasing Cars,” 45 minutes, Christine D’Ercole 5/14/16

Bruce Springsteen, “Thunder Road Part 2,” 45 minutes, Hannah Marie Corbin 11/8/15

A Star Is Born, Low Impact, 10 minutes, Jenn Sherman, 10/17/18

See the list of Peloton soundtracks classes including Disney rides, movies, TV, and Broadway.


Top Gun

  • Maverick Ride, 45 minutes, Jennifer Jacobs, 5/15/16
  • Maverick Ride, 45 minutes, Jennifer Jacobs 5/6/17

TV Show Ride, 45 minutes Jenn Sherman 2/21/16 (sadly this ride was inspired by OG Peloton rider, Howard Godnick, who became a dear friend to Jenn Sherman. He unexpectedly passed away during Thanksgiving week 2021. You can find her emotional and heartfelt tribute ride to him here.)



  • “Sunday Bloody Sunday Ride,” 45 minutes, Jennifer Jacobs, 1/12/17
  • “Music Legends,” 45 minutes, Jenn Sherman, 1/26/17
  • “Beautiful Day Ride, 20 minutes, Hannah Corbin 3/2/17


Van Halen, “Hot for Teacher Ride,” 30 minutes, Jennifer Jacobs 12/15/16


Whitney Houston, “80s Pop Ride,” 30 minutes, Ally Love, 4/25/18

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How Can You Find A List of Peloton Fun Classes?

Many of the artists listed above still have classes by other instructors within the on-demand library. You can find some of the best Peloton classes here.

And don’t let this discourage you, Peloton has thousands of classes on-demand, going years back.

Final Thoughts

Just because this big removal of classes happened doesn’t mean that you should expect it. Giant purges like this are rare.

And, maybe with some of these older rides gone, we can hope that the instructors will redo them, this time around with better production quality and the excitement of thousands of people experiencing it with you on the leaderboard.

Peloton has released a large number of artist rides in 2020. Let’s hope that trend continues.

And if you don’t have a Peloton bike and are using the digital app with another spin bike, it’s not always so easy to search for rides. Check here for more information.

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Which ride do you miss the most? I’d love to know. Comment below.

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Sunday 13th of September 2020

I miss the Dave Matthews Band rides, the Rent ride and the Beatles rides. It’s amazing how motivating a ride can be and now much your output can Improve when it includes music you love. I’ve been going back and redoing old rides to see the progress I’ve made. It’s very encouraging. But my heart broke when I went back to look for these rides and they were gone. I don’t feel like it should really matter this much but I feel genuinely defeated.


Sunday 13th of September 2020

I know. So many good rides gone. The good news is that Peloton seems to have worked out a lot of their music issues and have added tons of new artist rides lately. The Prince ride is one of my new favorites and and I'm also loving Jenn Sherman's yacht rock rides.


Sunday 23rd of August 2020

UGH. I'm new to Peloton (via the app) and so many of these were bookmarked as rides I was looking forward to doing because of the music. I'm so bummed.


Monday 24th of August 2020

I know! I had just tagged Jenn Sherman on IG re: her TV ride class--it was old--this past week saying it was so much fun. I hope you subscribe to my weekly email. I update these lists constantly so you'll know when new fun rides get added (and removed). FYI, classes really don't get removed very often.

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