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Shopping at a Lululemon Outlet: In Stores & Online 

Since my still-growing teen daughter discovered Lululemon, I keep looking for ways to save money. You will find the best deals at the Lululemon outlets, both online and in-store. I’m sharing my personal experience with you including what inventory you’re likely to find at the outlets, how to get the best deals, and other Lululemon hacks.

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Lululemon Outlet Prices:

  • Major discounts on athletic apparel and accessories.
  • Inventory may include unique items and discontinued styles not found in retail stores.
  • Understanding outlet shopping strategies can maximize your savings and experience.

Lululemon Athletica Outlet Locations

There are more than 30 Lululemon outlets across the United States and Canada. The following is a list of locations I have personally shopped at: 

  • Albertville Outlet, Albertville, MN
  • Woodbury Common Outlet, Woodbury, NY
  • Sawgrass Mills Outlet, Sunrise, FL
  • Desert Hills Premium Outlets, Cabazon, CA
  • Las Vegas Premium Outlets, Las Vegas, NV
  • Pocono Premium Outlets, Tannersville, PA

I live close to an outlet now so it’s easy to pop in and see what they have on hand.

My Recent Shopping Trip to the Outlets

My daughter and I had our sights set on a few items. My daughter is a size 0-2, and I usually wear a size 6. In my opinion, Lululemon often runs small. I could size up to an 8 if I found a great deal. Our outlet carries a good assortment of items with plenty of great deals. 

We are picky about colors, but if we weren’t, we would have walked out with even more.

Lululemon Jackets

I found a Nulu Define jacket in my size, but it was a bright color that I knew I would never wear. She was specifically looking for the cropped version which they did not carry. 

Although neither of us walked out with the jacket, you can’t beat the price. It was $79 vs. the usual $118. 

When I asked a salesperson if they ever got it in black, the color we both wanted, she replied that it was unlikely to find that in the outlet.

Scuba Oversize Half-Zip

I disliked the color once again. If I’m going to invest $100 in a sweatshirt, I expect to love it. I didn’t. This Scuba shirt came in a pale pink that looked terrible with my ruddy skin tone. Still, it was $99 vs. the regularly priced $118.

Swiftly Race Length Long Sleeve Top

There were some Swiftly tank tops in the outlet store but no long-sleeved versions. 

Align Leggings and Wunder Train Leggings

This purchase was the best deal. I got a pair of Align pants for just $39 in a Barbie pink color. They retail for $118 and they carry this same shade in the store.

I also stocked up and got a pair of high-rise light blue Wunder Train pants with pockets.

bright pink lululemon pants and tank folded

Align Tank Tops

I got my daughter an Align racerback tank top for $39 and a looser-fitting one for myself. Mine was only $19.

Water Bottle

There were no water bottles on the days we went to the outlets, but there were lots of other accessories, including headbands. 

Belt Bags

We also couldn’t find any belt bags those days but I do know that the outlets get them occasionally.

lululemon inside store outfits on racks and shelves

Lululemon Outlet In-Person Shopping Experience vs. Lululemon Retail Stores

When you shop at a Lululemon outlet, you are likely to notice differences in the store layout, pricing, and customer service compared to Lululemon retail stores.  

  • Store Experience: You’re probably used to Lululemon presenting their items in sleek displays, with bright lights, and salespeople wandering the floors. The outlet stores I’ve shopped at have their clothes neatly arranged in racks, organized by size and style, but they lack the polished look of typical stores. It’s not unusual to find handwritten signs advertising sale prices.
  • Pricing: This is the first thing you’ll notice. Prices are significantly cheaper than retail prices. I got some items for over 70 percent off full price. If you’re like me and upon entering a Lululemon store, you immediately beeline to the back of the store to check the latest sales, you’ll be shocked to find many of the same items at a fraction of the price at the outlets.
  • Customer Service: you’ll still have a great shopping experience, but with fewer sales help on the floor. There are fewer fitting rooms too so you may have to wait a bit to try on the items. 
  • Product Assortment: While retail stores carry current collections, including the latest styles and colors, outlets may have a mix of current and previous season items. Unlike other outlet stores, some shoppers worry about finding “made for outlet” merchandise, which might differ in quality, but with Lululemon, you are purchasing overstock items. 

Not everything is inexpensive, however. My daughter exchanged a pair of Align leggings she bought at the outlets (she changed her mind about the color). I didn’t realize the new leggings she picked out cost $90! 

Bonus: she got the small tote shopping bag all the teen girls her age use as a lunch bag.

lululemon outlet racks of hangers and sign

Lululemon Products Available at Outlets

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the selection of products at the Lululemon outlet store locations, and even more impressed by their pricing. 

I found rows and rows of leggings, from Align to Wunder Train for $39. At full price, expect to pay $118. That’s almost 70% off the original price. 

Expect to find: 

  • Leggings and Pants: One of the most sought-after items at Lululemon outlets is their leggings. 
  • Tops and Tanks: You’ll find a variety of tops and tanks found at outlet locations. 
  • Sports Bras and Underwear: There are rows of sports bras in all sizes, and underwear too. 
  • Accessories: Beyond clothing, you can also find a variety of accessories such as hats, headbands, and keychains.
  • Men’s Wear: There’s an entire men’s section consisting of shorts, pants, and shirts.
lululemon outlet store minnesota

Lululemon Outlet Shopping Tips

When you’re on the hunt for great deals at Lululemon outlets, having some strategic shopping tips can lead to significant savings on your favorite athletic wear.

  • Plan Your Visit: Lululemon outlet locations are often further out from the city, so plan your time and travel wisely. Shopping can be hit or miss so you may not spend too long a time at the Lululemon outlet store.
  • Check for Promotions and Exclusive Deals: While you might find some items during online sales, the outlets can offer even better in-store exclusive discounts. During my recent visits, they had a special promotion for leggings, where you could save considerably by purchasing them in bulk. To maximize these bulk discounts, I recommend going with a friend or family member to take full advantage of this deal.
  • Check the We Made Too Much Section of the Lululemon Website and App: you may find a limited selection of sizes and colors in the Lululemon outlet stores. Check Lululemon’s online outlet called “We Made Too Much” to see what they have available. While you’ll probably find lower prices at the outlet stores themselves, you don’t want to settle for a color you don’t love or an item that doesn’t fit you perfectly. 
  • Free Hemming: While the outlet stores will not alter your clothes, you can bring your Lululemon purchases from the outlets into your local store, and there they will hem your items for free
  • Ask about Restocks: Speak to a salesperson and ask them the best time to visit the store next. They will often tell you when they will get their next restock, so you can take advantage of their newest inventory.
  • Arrive Early: Remember, when shopping at an outlet, it’s a good idea to arrive early, especially on weekends or during sales events, to get the best selection.
  • Reddit Lululemon Outlet Hauls: several times per week, Lululemon outlet goers will share all the great discounts they got at their local store. This is one of the best places to look before you head out to see the current inventory as the group is active.

Shopping the Lululemon Online Outlet “We Made Too Much”

The convenience of online shopping can’t be beat. You’ll often find a better inventory of discounted items in Lululemon’s “We Made Too Much” section than in the outlet stores. However, you’re likely to get better deals at the outlets. 

The We Made Too Much section often features popular styles, but you’ll have to be open to different colors and sizes sell out quickly. But I did score the pants she wanted (the ones everyone has) for $89. That’s 25 percent off.

lululemon shopping bags and lululemon align pants

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Return Lululemon Purchases to the Outlet? 

While you can return Lululemon outlet purchases there, you cannot return regular Lululemon items to the outlets (although some stores will accept them if they are current inventory. It’s worth trying). We have done returns and exchanges at our local outlet but check with yours to confirm their official policy.

What Additional Discounts Can You Get at the Lululemon Outlets? 

Sweat Collective

Not too long ago, the Lululemon Sweat Collective program changed its terms, much to the dismay of athletes and fitness professionals. You may only use a Sweat Collective discount on full-price merchandise. This means that outlet items are excluded. 

If you’re interested in becoming a certified personal trainer, follow my journey, and sign up for ISSA here.

First Responder and Military Discounts

The same restriction applies to these discounts. Some outlets let you use this discount but not on sale items.

Can You Pay with a Lululemon Gift Card? 

Yes, gift cards are accepted as payment at both the outlets and the stores. 

Can You Bring Lululemon Like New Clothing to the Outlet Stores? 

You can only bring gently used Like New clothing to Lululemon stores, not outlets, to receive a credit. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.