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Lululemon Sweat Collective: Do You Qualify for a Discount?

If you’re a fan of Lululemon like me, you’re probably hitting the sales rack regularly trying to save some money. I’ve shared some of my favorite ways to find Lululemon deals in the past, but have you heard about their Sweat Collective program?

The Lululemon Sweat Collective program is one of the best ways for fitness professionals to save money on their purchases, both for personal and professional use. 

Those who work in the fitness industry or coach a sports team can get 25 percent off their Lululemon purchases, both at retail stores and online.

Sweat Collective is more than saving money on Lululemon gear. Its main purpose is to build a community of passionate fitness lovers to come together, network with others in the industry, and get to know one another’s brands and as individuals.

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What is the Sweat Collective? 

Designed exclusively for those working in the fitness industry, the Sweat Collective gives members access to special events, discounts, and the ability to provide feedback on product design to the Lululemon team.

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How much is the Sweat Collective Discount? 

​Those accepted into the program get 25% off of Lululemon full-priced merchandise, in stores, and online. 

Benefits of the Lululemon Sweat Collective

Those who get accepted into Lululemon’s Sweat Collective receive the following benefits: 

  • Lululemon discounts, 25% off regular-priced items online, in-store, and on the app (iOS) in the United States and Canada
  • invites to special Lululemon Sweat Collective events
  • access to private Facebook groups and an in-person community
  • updates on new products
  • the ability to give feedback to the company

Who is Eligible for the Lululemon Sweat Collective?

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This is the million-dollar question: who can apply to be a part of the Sweat Collective? 

  • Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors
  • Studio Owners, Gym Owners, Gym Managers
  • ​Athletes
  • Coaches and Assistant Coaches
  • Team Staff

I outline below in more detail, just how Lululemon defines each of the above.

Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors

Self-Employed Personal Trainers and Instructors

Self-employed instructors must show proof of certification such as through NASM or ISSA, and should train adults, on their own or as a contractor of a gym or studio.

If you’re interested in becoming a certified personal trainer, follow my journey, and sign up for ISSA here.

You must also show proof of liability insurance.

Personal Trainers & Group Fitness Instructors Employed by a Gym or Studio

Eligible instructors must teach classes with adult participants or train adult clients.

To qualify, show a current pay stub, work schedule, or other proof of employment (for example, a photo and/or class schedule on a gym website).

Yoga Instructors, Pilates Instructors, Barre Instructors

Yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, and Barre Instructors who teach fitness classes must show proof of employment (as mentioned above) and/or certification.

female yoga instructor helping woman with pose

Studio Owners, Gym Owners, Gym Managers

If you are a studio owner, gym owner, or gym manager, you can apply with proof of employment. 


Athletes over the age of 18 who compete at a college or university or for national and international teams, with proof of documentation, such as an online profile, and professional athletes are eligible to apply. 

My friend’s daughter runs track and field for her university. I told her to apply and we were so bummed to learn that NCAA athletes are ineligible.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches

Those over the age of 18 who coach a running club, or a professional, university, college, national, or international teams can apply with proper documentation.

Team Staff

Staff over the age of 18 who work as a team manager, strength and conditioning coach, or athletic trainer for professional, university, university, college, national, or international teams, may apply.

How to Apply for the Sweat Collective

To apply to the Sweat Collective: 

  • make sure you have a Lululemon account
  • have the necessary documents on hand
  • apply online using Sheer ID
  • wait for a confirmation email, usually within the hour
  • sign up for exclusive Sweat Collective emails to stay updated on events, new products, and more
  • remember to renew your membership annually

Is the Sweat Collective Paused?

In late 2022, Lululemon paused its Sweat Collective program but they just reinstated it in July of 2023.

How Strict is the Lululemon Sweat Collective?

I see this question a lot. Lululemon wants to attract those not just passionate about fitness and wellness, but those who have influence either on others. Ultimately, they want this person decked out in Lululemon clothes and a person taking one of their classes to say, “Hey, I love your outfit. Where’d you get it?”

Lululemon also wants to build its community of fitness enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and inspire each other while receiving special perks from Lululemon, and helping to elevate and promote their brands.

As far as getting in, those truly qualified to receive the discount should have no problems. It’s a shame about NCAA athletes and I don’t know why they’re excluded.

I’ll update this post in a few months and let you know if I got into Sweat Collective. I just received my personal training certification and although I have passed my exams, I don’t plan to teach in a studio, although I may create virtual fitness programs.

In terms of using your Lululemon discount, they want you to use it to buy clothes for yourself.

This makes sense. You are the face of the Sweat Collective, not your 14-year-old niece. So if you normally buy clothes in size 6, and then you try to apply your discount code to a pair of leggings size 0, Lululemon’s not going to allow that. But if you grab a couple of water bottles to give to that same niece, they’re probably not going to know. So be smart.

Also, let’s say you start an eBay or Poshmark shop, selling brand-new Lululemon clothes, if you get caught, you’re out. It’s when people start taking advantage of systems that they close. So don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

Where to Use Your Sweat Collective Discount

You can use your 25% discount at Lululemon stores or for online purchases, but you cannot use it at outlet stores.

Once approved, you will receive a Sweat Collective Badge that appears on your account.

When purchasing online or using the Lululemon app, make sure you toggle your 25% off on to take advantage of the discount. And when shopping at your local store, make sure to let them know that you are a part of the program before they ring you up, and be prepared to show a photo ID.

What’s Excluded from the Sweat Collective Discount? 

You can’t use your Sweat Collective Discount: 

  • on sale items and
  • on markdown items
  • on anything at a Lululemon outlet store
  • at Lululemon warehouse sales
  • to combine it with other sales such as Cyber Monday or Black Friday 
  • to buy a Lululemon gift card
  • with payments using gift cards, PayPal, or Klarna
    • you can still use Lululemon gift cards for in-store purchases
  • to buy for someone else, including friends or family, either as a gift or with the intent of reselling the items
  • on items from the We Made Too Much section

Changes to the Sweat Collective Program

Prior to April 2023, members of the Sweat Collective could truly get amazing deals. That’s because many of the exclusions above didn’t exist. The 25% off discount could be used on products in the sale section, you could use Lululemon gift cards online, and you didn’t need to reapply each year. 

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Other Ways to Save at Lululemon

If you’re not in the fitness field, you may wonder how else you can find Lululemon savings:

I try to never pay full price for Lululemon. The first place I head to in a Lululemon store is the sales rack. And if I’m looking for a specific Lululemon item (like my daughter’s size 0 pants or one of their popular belt bags), I always see if I can get a cheaper price in their Like New or see if it’s one of their WMTM items. I also really like adding my favorites in the app and getting alerted by email if they go on sale. 

It’s worth mentioning too if you have a big social media following and a passion for Lululemon, you can earn commissions from their affiliate program called Lululemon Collective. 

Final Takeaways

I’ve always loved how Lululemon features and promotes local fitness leaders. My Lululemon store hosts free yoga, mindfulness, and strength training classes. Although, I’ve never been privy to their Sweat Collective events (fingers crossed, that changes for me). 

Building a community has always been important to me and I appreciate Lululemon for fostering a space for Sweat Collective members. I understand how those in the program for a while are disappointed with the recent changes, especially removing sale items from the discount, but heck, I’ll still take 25% off any day. 

So, if you’re a professional athlete, college athlete, personal trainer, fitness instructor, or gym owner, I encourage you to apply. And remember to share this with anyone in your life who could benefit from this article. Let me know what you think in the comments. 

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