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Peloton at TJ Maxx: Save on Accessories & Apparel

A couple of years ago, people discovered Peloton accessory items and clothing at TJ Maxx and wondered if they were legitimate. They were and are.

Now, it’s much more common to find them at your local store, and online, although the latter is much more difficult to navigate. I’m sharing my experiences shopping for Peloton at TJ Maxx, along with what to expect and some tips. 

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Peloton clothes and accessories, such as weights, workout mats, and resistance bands, have been appearing on the shelves of TJ Maxx, and its sister stores, Marshalls and Sierra Trading Post.

Expect to Find

  • Peloton boutique athleisure items including sports bras, tanks, leggings, T-shirts, and sweatshirts.
  • Equipment and accessories such as mats, resistance bands, dumbbells, water bottles, and heart rate monitors.
  • More fashion items online.

Your Peloton Gear Shopping Experience

While you can get many of these Peloton items at other stores like Amazon or Dick’s Sporting Goods, I’ve found the prices best at the TJ Maxx stores.

When shopping for Peloton accessories at TJ Maxx, you have the convenience of both in-store and online options to explore their inventory. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Shopping at TJ Maxx Stores


  • Huge savings.
  • You benefit from the tangible experience of seeing and handling the Peloton accessories, ensuring that what you buy meets your expectations.
  • You can try on clothes in-store.
  • Tons of home gym accessories are available in stores. 


  • Limited selection of clothing
  • In-store inventory can vary by location
  • Hit or miss
peloton items on racks in tj maxx store

Shopping on the TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Sierra Websites


  • Large selection of Peloton apparel
  • Size-inclusive selection with many plus sizes available


  • Very difficult to navigate the website to find Peloton branded merchandise (does not come up in the search bar)
  • Time-consuming
  • Not all sizes are available
  • Currently no fitness equipment or accessories
Peloton water bottle dumbbell and sports bra on red mat

TJX Rewards and Discounts

By signing up for the TJX Rewards program, you could save even more money and unlock further discounts on various items, including Peloton accessories. I have their credit card, from which I earn points and 5% back on each purchase at any of their stores. 

My Experience In-Store

I’ve found more Peloton merchandise at a TJ Maxx than at a Marshalls store, but again, inventory could be location-specific. 


I’ve been doing a ton of weight training, and after completing several rounds of Rebecca Kennedy’s 5-Day Split Program, I was ready for heavier dumbbells.

If you’re interested in becoming a certified personal trainer, follow my journey, and sign up for ISSA here.

When I entered my local TJ Maxx store, I immediately headed straight to their sports equipment section. There I found this Peloton water bottle, this yoga block, my favorite exercise mat, and dumbbells of various weights. 

For just $68 dollars I picked up a set of 30-pound Peloton dumbbells. I like their squared design. Peloton sells these same weights for $155. That’s a savings of over 56 percent. Plus, I get 5% back on my TJ Maxx credit card.

This was honestly, my first set of Peloton weights. I always found them too expensive. But comparing these to other brands, I think I got a pretty good deal.

Water Bottle

I already own the Peloton water bottle they have at TJ Maxx but they were selling it for $7.99. The retail price is $17. 

Reversible Mat

I love my Peloton reversible exercise mat. I received it free when they introduced the Peloton Guide. On the Peloton website, it sells for $70. At TJ Maxx, it was 20 dollars.

Other Accessories

I also spotted yoga blocks, resistance bands, yoga straps, light weights, and a heart rate monitor.

My Experience Online

You can get amazing Peloton-branded clothing online at retailers like TJ Maxx. We’re talking sports bras, tanks, and sweatshirts for $10 or under.

However, shopping online for Peloton gear is frustrating in my opinion. When you type the word Peloton into the search bar, you are given hundreds of apparel choices and have to sift through them carefully.

Instead of providing the brand name, you have to click on an item to “reveal designer.” Also, sizes are not guaranteed. If you are petite or plus size, you have the best selection.

Luckily, I usually do the work for you. Make sure to sign up for my Friday Favorites newsletter where I share my favorite deals.

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Peloton-Compatible Products and Price Comparisons

When shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, you can compare other brands to Peloton merchandise to see if it’s worth buying. This is especially true for workout gear. TJ Maxx carries comparable activewear brands including: 

  • Under Armour
  • Beach Riot
  • Yogalicious
  • Free People
  • Johnny Was

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference in Peloton product selection between men’s and women’s apparel at TJ Maxx?

The Peloton product selection at TJ Maxx typically includes both men’s and women’s apparel, with options ranging in style and size. However, availability may differ depending on the particular TJ Maxx location and their current inventory.

Can shoppers find Peloton shoes at a discount at TJ Maxx?

While it’s possible to find Peloton accessories like shoes at a discount at TJ Maxx, their availability is not guaranteed and can be infrequent. 

How often does TJ Maxx stock new Peloton merchandise?

TJ Maxx receives new stock at various times, but there is no publicized schedule for when new Peloton merchandise will be available. It is recommended to visit stores often or check online for updates on inventory.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.