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How to Get the Best Deal on Sirius XM Radio

Many of us are working from home and not driving the distances we had in the past. But, we’re still paying full price for Sirius. 

When I first published this post, I did so because changing your plan was such a hassle that I wanted to give my readers some tips. 

Now, it’s easier than ever to save money with Sirius. Here’s how.

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*This post originally posted on July 22, 2016, has been updated to reflect new information.

What to Do When Sirius’ Promotional Plan Ends 

If you recently purchased or leased a new car, you probably received a free subscription plan to SiriusXM Radio. But once that promotional period ends, if you’re like me, you’ll be shocked by the sticker price. I saw a charge of more than $100 on my credit card statement.

How to Modify or Cancel Your Sirius Subscription

In the past, this is what you needed to do to change your plan:

  1. Call Sirius
  2. Tell them you wanted to cancel. If you said you simply wanted to change your plan, they’d say they had no promotional offers available. So, I’d cancel and then live without Sirius for a few days. Or, you’d have to stay on the phone with a representative who may not give you the deal you want.
  3. If you chose to cancel, you’d receive phone calls, then emails, and snail mail, all trying to lure you back with an attractive price.
  4. You’d take advantage of one of their offers (I snagged $4 per month for their highest package “Select” but it only gave me 5 months of service).
  5. You’d have set a reminder to yourself in your phone before the expiration date and repeat steps #1-4.
thinking of leaving sirius
Make sure you cancel your subscription, not modify to get the best deal

Now, this is all you have to do:

  1. Make sure you have an online account. Set up a username or password.
  2. Log into your account and click on “I want to cancel” (not modify). If you were to click on “change my subscription,” you will get various plan options. As of today’s date, they’re offering me plans from $12.99 (80 channels) to $21.99.
  3. But if you click on “I want to cancel my subscription,” you get much better pricing options. You then get to “view other great offers” or “chat to cancel” your subscription.
  4. Give them a reason why you’re thinking of leaving. Mine brings up the same plans as above but now it’s $10.95 for 325 channels (compared to 80!) or $11.99 per month for the highest plan mentioned above. It’s a 45 percent savings.
  5. You used to have to call (which I admit was a pain and time-consuming) but now if you don’t choose one of those proposed plans, you can “chat with an agent.” Do this!
  6. Now, you will get the real deals. (I’m currently paying $4.99 per month for 12 months)
  7. It’s best to cancel in the days leading up to your subscription expiring, not after it has renewed.
girls in car

Why You Should Chat Online to Change Your Sirius Plan (rather than calling)

Calling is a headache. This is a summary of a conversation I had with a Sirius representative last year.

The day before my plan was set to expire, I called Sirius. “My plan is about to expire,” I told them. “I currently have a great deal. What promotions do you have available?” Apparently, I used the wrong lingo when trying to negotiate. Quickly, they informed me that they had no promotions and gave me the same rigamarole about switching to their cheapest plan, under which I would lose CNN, one of my favorite stations.

Up until this point, I have paid only $24 for almost a year of their best plan, the Select. So, if I downgraded to their basic “Mostly Music” plan I would pay $132 for the year, almost triple my current bill, and if I decided to keep the Select plan, I would pay $208 per year, about five times my current charge.

I called back a few minutes later and told them I wished to cancel. “We hate to see you go,” they told me. “What if we offered you a better plan? Would you be OK paying $25 for five months?”

A two-minute phone call or chat can save you hundreds of dollars.

Do Not be Afraid to Negotiate

The moral of the story: do not be afraid to negotiate.

As a rule, companies do not want to lose customers. Ask them if they can give you a better deal.

You are not doing anything wrong. You are being a smart and savvy consumer.

Negotiate with all of your Providers

Cable Provider

I canceled cable years ago and although I will never go back, the offers continue to this day. (Read more about how I saved money by canceling cable).

Cell Phone Carrier

About once or twice a year, I check in with my cell phone carrier to ask how I can save money. Often, they will add more services to my plan for the exact same price or lower my monthly bill.

Credit Card Company

Same goes for my credit card company; when I have them on the phone for something, I routinely ask if they would recommend me switching to one of their other cards. They’ve lowered my APR significantly with just a quick phone call.

For more ways to save money, check out this blog post.

Final Thoughts on How to Save Money Paying for Sirius XM Radio

Yes, I know, it’s hard to make time for these things, so we often just go along and pay things without question. However, these inquiries often take minutes. If you can, try live chats for customer service; I seem to get the quickest responses and can still multi-task.

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Joe J.

Saturday 9th of January 2021

When Sirius finally agreed to extend my introductory rate for five months,I upped the ante and asked for a year extension. They said they could not do that. I told them to cancel my subscription and they eventually went for they year extension I asked for. Don’t be bashful.


Tuesday 12th of January 2021

Agree. Don't be bashful. I like Sirius but some of their plans are outrageously priced in my opinion.

Terri P

Saturday 19th of November 2016

Thanks so much for this! It worked for me!


Saturday 19th of November 2016

Oh great! I have to call again this week.

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