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10 Tips on How to Clean Your Peloton Bike the Right Way

If you’re using your Peloton bike regularly, you should be cleaning it on a regular basis. Let’s face it, we sit on it, sweat on it, and spit on it. Now that I’ve made my point, here are some of the best ways to clean your Peloton without damaging it.

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1. Stick to a Regular Cleaning Routine

Just like cleaning your home, it’s a good idea to keep up with regular maintenance and cleaning, rather than letting it all build up. If you do a quick clean of your bike post-ride, you will have to do very little to keep your bike looking like new.

This is especially true if you share the bike with a family member. I’m the only one who uses the bike in my house. Still, I do a quick wipe down of the seat, handlebars, knob, and screen after each ride.

2. Use a Non-Abrasive Cloth

Microfiber Cloth

Always have a soft microfiber cloth handy in your home gym. Don’t use tissues or paper towels that could leave residue behind or even create small scratches on your Peloton equipment. Plus, a microfiber towel is eco-friendly and you can use it multiple times before tossing it into the washing machine.

Baby Wipes

On delivery day, it seems that baby wipes often gets recommended when people ask how to clean their bike. If you use baby wipes, make sure they are chemical-free.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly product, skip the baby wipes. We’ve all had a wipes package not completely close, only to find out a wad of dried-out wipes inside, creating even more waste.

So yes, baby wipes are an easy way to clean your bike but there are better products on the market.

3. Only use Non-Abrasive Gentle Cleaning Products

While you want to disinfect your bike and keep it germ-free, you also want to avoid harsh and abrasive cleaning products that may damage exercise equipment.

Sure, there’s going to be someone saying they use whatever cleaners they have on hand and their bike is fine, but wouldn’t you want to protect your investment and use the safest products around?

Remember to spray the cleaning product onto your microfiber towel and not onto the equipment itself.

Avoid alcohol wipes and any products containing bleach (like Clorox wipes) or ammonia. These products can dull the finish of your bike.

My go-to products are the Vapor Fresh cleaning spray or Mrs. Meyers.

4. Make Your Own Cleaning Product

Not only will you save money, but making your own cleaning solution is super easy and you can use products you already have on hand.

Dilute some vinegar with some water, and even add some essential oil. Keep your homemade cleaning solution in a spray bottle and apply it to a soft wipe. This is the most economical and eco-friendly way to clean your bike.

I know that gyms provide disposable wipes for cleaning their equipment at the end of a workout but since you are at home, it’s easy enough to keep a stash of cloths and a cleaning spray bottle nearby.

Although you could use a mild soap and water mixture, Peloton itself actually recommends not doing it.

5. Use Electronics Wipes on Your Peloton Touch Screen

Peloton recommends an ammonia-free glass cleaner on a soft cloth. I’ve used Windex electronic wipes which are ammonia-free. I’m using Miracle Wipes in the spray bottle but they also make a wipes version.

miracle spray cleaning spray and microfiber cloth

If you want to keep your screen truly dust free and reduce fingerprints, consider getting a screen protective cover.

6. Clean Your Bike Mat with a Vacuum Cleaner and Mild Soap

I don’t sweat a ton even in my toughest workouts. I just get all red in the face. However, I’ve seen enough photos online of Peloton mats covered in drops or even puddles of sweat.

If you have your Peloton bike on hardwood floors, hopefully, you are using a rubber exercise floor mat. I don’t have the official Peloton mat. This is the one I’ve had for years. I also typically keep this Drip Accessory oversized towel on top of my mat. It’s machine washable.

Save 10% off the Big Sweat Towel with this link.

drip accessory gray mat cover for Peloton bike

You’ll want to vacuum your mat every so often. I’m constantly fixing my hair into a messy bun or ponytail on the bike so there are always long blonde strands underneath my bike. You can clean your mat with mild soap or a yoga mat spray.

Now that we’re talking about hair, if you have long hair as I do, check your pedals that there are no hairs wrapped around them. If so, vacuum as much as you can and you may need to remove and reinstall the pedals to thoroughly clean them.

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7. Sanitize Your Peloton Shoes

Again, this section applies to you more if you are a big sweater but some people find their shoes drenched post-ride. Even if yours seem dry, you still may want to disinfect your shoes occasionally.

Keeping your shoes off the floor not only keeps them tidy but helps to air them out. If you have the Original Peloton bike, did you know you can hang them directly from the weight rack? If you have the newer bike, you can buy a shoe hanger to hang your shoes.

For those of you who live somewhere warm, you can also place them outside in the sun to air out.

If they’re really wet and sweaty, some riders stuff their spin shoes with newspaper or charcoal bag inserts to help them dry faster. To further disinfect them or to eliminate stinky odors, spray the inside with this natural deodorizer spray or Lysol.

8. Clean Your Peloton Handlebars and Seat After Each Ride

This is where the sweat lives on these high-contact areas: seat, handlebars, and resistance knob. If you get in the habit to wipe down the seat and handlebars daily, you’ll keep your bike in good condition. Simply spray your homemade cleaning solution or a natural cleaner onto your cloth and wipe the seat, handlebars, and resistance knob down. I’ve read that the lavender scent leaves the least amount of sticky residue.

You can also use the Drip Towel, a fitted towel made for your handlebars. This does the best job of keeping your bike handlebars clean.

So Convenient
Drip Accessory Spin Towel for Handlebars
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And if you’re on the shorter side, check out this blog post about the best handlebar extenders for your Peloton bike.

9. Don’t Over-Clean Your Peloton Bike Frame

Since it’s not rubber like the handlebars or seat, it’s the frame where you’ll notice damage and discoloring from harsh chemicals. You don’t need much to maintain the frame. Quickly wipe it down with a damp cloth every so often.

If you want to better protect the frame, you can buy a protector like this one from Ride Hide or the Frame Wrap from Velotowel. (Save 10% on any VeloTowel purchase with promo code THANKS10)

10. Keep Your Pets Away from the Bike

Sure, PeloPets are cute but they have no idea that your bike, worth over a thousand dollars, isn’t just another toy. My bike used to be in my office where my dogs could come and go. Luckily, the only damage they ever did was chewing up my bike mat (I still use it despite the teeth marks and missing pieces), not to mention the excessive amount of pet hair all around.

Others have not been so lucky. Dogs have chewed up shoes, eaten wires, and even peed on their bikes.

Speaking of pee, if a dog or child ever urinates on your bike or shoes, try using Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain Urine Stain and Odor Remover.

Final Thoughts

I’ve had my Peloton bike for over five years and other than wiping it down quickly after each ride, I haven’t had to do any other maintenance on it. I try to avoid harsh chemicals in general, especially on something I’m using daily that has direct contact with my body.

The whole cleaning process won’t take you a long time, but merely minutes. This includes wiping down my Peloton accessories (weights and yoga mats).

But don’t overthink it. And remember if your bike is sweaty and smelly, kudos to you. That just means you’re using it and working hard and it’s not a clothes hanger in your house.

Do you have any additional tips on how to care for your Peloton bike? What do you find to be the best cleaner? Let us know in the comments.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.