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15 Ways to Keep Your Peloton Streak Going

What’s your longest Peloton streak? Peloton rewards you for daily streaks and weekly streaks. To keep up your Peloton weekly streak, you must work out at least one day in that week.

We all have good intentions but sometimes life gets in the way of our workout routine. The brilliant thing about Peloton is that you can keep up your streak even if you’re short on time or away from your Peloton itself.

And I should know. I moved 1200 miles from New York to Minneapolis and never lost my streak: more than two years, going strong.

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Tip: if you haven’t already added the Peloton app to your phone, iPad, and/or TV, do it now. It’s hard to avoid working out when the app is literally everywhere you go.

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I’m not saying you don’t deserve a day off because of course, you do. But if you want to keep your daily or weekly streak going, here are some helpful tips you may not have thought of yourself.

Reasons You May Break Your Peloton Streak

There are many reasons why you’re unable to keep your streak going including:

  • injury
  • illness
  • new baby
  • new job
  • family emergency
  • move
  • vacation
  • home renovation
  • lack of motivation

The tips below work for any of the above-mentioned reasons.

Here are 15 simple ways to not break your Peloton streak

(1) Take a Peloton Outdoor Class

french bulldogs on leash

Anytime I go for a walk of more than a few minutes, even to walk the dogs, I choose a Peloton outdoor class. Peloton outdoor includes walks, runs, and a combination of both.

Other times, I go for a run. Since there’s much less variety in the outdoor classes, I often choose a Tread class instead.

Want more motivation? Schedule yourself for a live Tread class and take it outdoors. Of course, you’ll have to make modifications and ignore the incline clues. And, no one will judge you if you decide not to run at all.

So pop in those air pods, tune the world out, and get some fresh air.Yoga (restorative)

(2) Just Ride or Scenic Rides

Need to clear your head and don’t want to commit to an intense Peloton class or maybe you have to jump on a conference call, try out one a Just Ride or Scenic Ride.

How do Peloton Riders find these classes?

If you have the Peloton bike, click on “more” to access these two features:

  1. Just Ride: watch a movie or show on your phone or tablet. The bike still tracks your metrics as if you’ve taken a class.
  2. Scenic Ride: take a ride through locales throughout the world.

How do Peloton App users (without the bike) take these classes?

  1. Just Ride: a workaround is to simply listen to a class in the background and do your own thing
  2. Scenic Rides: these are no longer available to Peloton app members. Only those who have the All-Access membership can find and take scenic classes.

Tip: Use your Peloton bike as a standing desk by adding this ingenious SpinTray from Top Form Design which fits the Peloton, Echelon® models EX5 & EX5S, or Sunny Health model SF-B1805. They also make a model for the Peloton Plus, the Peloton Tread (“the StepTray”), and other spin bikes.

spin tray by topform

(3) Cardio Class

The Peloton cardio classes are great because you need no equipment.

HIIT Cardio

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The HIIT cardio classes range from 10 to 30 minutes and 5-minute warm-ups. But don’t let these classes fool you. You will easily be sore the next day.

Family Classes

Peloton introduced these much-needed family classes in 2020. Ranging from 5-minute brain breaks to 20-minute classes, you can find a class that best fits your kids’ needs.

mom and daughter flexing muscles

And it’s no surprise who teaches them: Jess Sims, who worked as a Principal at a school in Harlem, New York!

Cardio Dance

This was a limited release and as of now, only about 20 Peloton cardio dance classes exist. But if you want to change it up and get some energy out, these cardio dance classes are worth checking out.

Did you know that many of the Peloton instructors are former professional dancers? To find out which ones, check out this fun blog post I wrote.

These classes are 20-minutes but you can also find 5-minute warm-ups or cool-downs.

(4) Core Workouts

If you have five minutes, you can squeeze in a core workout. If you’re looking for a good way to start, check out Emma Lovewell’s “Crush Your Core” 4-week program.

The best thing about the core workouts? You don’t need any equipment which makes it the perfect workout when you’re away from your bike.

The screen of the Peloton Bike Plus swivels, making it easy to take floor classes right next to the bike. If you don’t have the Plus, consider the Pivot (also by Top Form), which enables your screen to turn just like the Plus.

pivot peloton screen
The Pivot allows the Peloton screen to swivel

Core strength is important but so is proper form. Check out this blog post with tips to avoid mistakes that Peloton riders often make on the bike. Not only can it improve your output, but it can help prevent injuries.

(5) Foam Rolling Class

Are you feeling sore after a week of workouts? Try out a foam rolling class.

What is Foam Rolling?

Foam rolling is important for muscle recovery and relief from soreness and pain. It even helps with cellulite.

Personally, I use a textured ridged foam roller like this one but many people start off with a smooth foam roller.

If you’re looking for a vibrating foam roller, this is a great one.

Where do you find the Peloton foam rolling classes?

There are currently only 7 foam rolling classes. To find them either go into “strength” in the app and filter by instructor and duration: Hannah Corbin or Matt Wilpers. All classes are 10 minutes.

You can also type in “foam rolling” into the class search bar on the bike or tread. There’s also a fake Peloton user account called Foamrolla that lists all the foam rolling classes, however, some are unavailable.

I’ve created a printable downloadable Foam Rolling class list. You can simply click on the link and it will bring you to the class. Bookmark it for later. If you already subscribe to my weekly newsletter, you can access it here.

You can find all my Peloton class lists including a printable Foam Rolling checklist in my Resource Library. You can access the Resource Library by signing up below. You’ll also get my Friday Favorites email with my favorite classes of the week, the newest blog posts, and other favorites worth sharing.

(6) Take a Meditation Break

This month, I decided to challenge myself to 30-days of meditation. While I’m not completely successful, I’m meditating more than I ever have in the past. Plus, I actually look forward to these mini-breaks in the day.

Peloton meditation classes range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

There are even specific rest-day meditations designed for your days away from the Peloton. Others have a more fitness focus like the fitness goals, level up, or peak performance classes. My favorite meditation instructors are Aditi Shah, Ross Rayburn, and Chelsea Roberts, all of whom also teach Peloton Yoga.

(7) Sleep Meditation

woman sleeping

Perhaps the easiest way to keep a Peloton streak going is to lay in bed and listen to a sleep meditation. Last night, I fell asleep during one of Aditi’s 20-minute classes. Funny how this is the only class I’ve taken in all my years wherein I can’t feel guilty when I doze off.

(8) Restorative Yoga

Of course, you can take a regular yoga class but if you want to do something restful on your day off, I highly recommend taking a nighttime restorative yoga class. Chelsea Jackson Roberts has some good ones.

Restorative yoga usually requires a blanket and a bolster. It enables your body and mind to slow down. Expect deep breathing and long-held poses. Usually, a portion of the class mimics taking a nap! And you could truly fall asleep during one of these classes.

(9) Standing, Desk, or Chair Yoga

woman stretching on chair

You’ll find Chair Yoga if you filter through the Yoga classes under “Yoga Anywhere”. These classes range from 5 to 20-minutes and are the perfect break from your workday.

(10) Stretches

Stretches are not just for before or after workouts. Take a few minutes to take a full-body stretch. You’ll find them in their own section in the app.

home gym organizer

(11) Use the Peloton App on Other Equipment

Not in the mood for a spin or tread workout? Why not take these classes on other equipment you have at home such as an elliptical or treadmill? Sometimes changing it up is all we need to stay motivated.

Speaking of motivation, check out this post with 10 ways to stay motivated when working out (even when it’s the last thing you want to do).

(12) Find Your Community

When people first learn about Peloton, they often join the Official Peloton Member Page, which is not always the most motivating or helpful place to go. In fact, it’s why I wrote this blog post for newbie riders as you’ll often get blasted for asking a question that may have been asked before.

Find your just-right group by typing in keywords in the Facebook search bar or by searching hashtags on the app or bike. There’s a Peloton group (formerly called tribes) for everyone.

(13) Join a Challenge

Power Zone

If you’re ready to commit to your fitness goals, I strongly suggest you join the Peloton Power Zone Facebook Group. You’ll be placed on a team and given challenges to push yourself like never before, focusing on endurance and stamina.

Hardcore on the Floor

This group provides you with a monthly strength training calendar.

Peloton Guide

In the spring of 2022, Peloton released the Peloton Guide, which uses a camera to help you monitor your form side-by-side to the instructor. They also offer exclusive Guide classes which become available 45 days before other members can access them.

Start Your Own Group

I am now the admin of two such groups in my town. We share our favorite classes and create monthly challenges. Don’t be shy. If you ask people to join, they will. And if you need ideas for monthly challenges, I have some in the free Resource Library.

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Workout with Friends

Chances are some of your friends also use the Peloton app. Two of my best friends and I now have a standing weekly Friday morning date where we take a class together. You don’t want to let your friend down, do you?

(14) Plan Your Workouts

Peloton has made it easier than ever to plan your workouts. Previously you could only sign up for a live ride and get a reminder to your phone. Now, you can create:

  • a personal schedule: complete with on-demand workouts, dates, and times you wish to take them. You can then add this to your personal calendar and invite friends to join you.
  • stacks: tired of staring at the screen trying to figure out what class to take next? You can plan stacks. Simply go into any on-demand class and add it to your stack. You can bow do this on your phone, computer, bike, or Tread. Now, when one class ends, you’ll automatically get reminded of your next class in the stack.

If you want to keep track and plan out your schedule, check out the workout schedules below. You can find them all in the My Purse Strings shop.

workout planners

(14) Apple Watch

I’ve said it before, my Apple Watch keeps me accountable. I will not go to sleep at night without closing my rings. For more reasons why I love my Apple Watch, check out this blog post.

Pin for later!

woman tracking workout

Final Thoughts

Take a rest day when you need one. But an injury, vacation, or move shouldn’t prevent you from keeping up your Peloton streak. Let me know what you think of these tips in the comments below.

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Joyce J. Layco

Saturday 3rd of February 2024

Hey there… thanks for all the tips! But I thought now you have to workout 3 days in a row to keep the weekly streak going? Have they changed it?

Michelle Platt, CPT

Saturday 3rd of February 2024

I think so. I'm pretty sure this summer, I only logged one Peloton workout in six days. I'll double-check for sure.


Tuesday 11th of January 2022

what if you do not have wifi where you are going?


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

You're right, that's tricky. A couple of things you can do: (1) use your phone as a hotspot assuming you can get phone service (2) preload a class that uses less WiFi but you still need a bit of a connection, best for unstable connections (3) screen record a class on your phone but you won't get credit for the day but if you can quickly log on for even a minute, you still should get credit for working out. As long as I know I'm working out, I care more about my weekly streaks over my daily streaks. This would actually be a great blog post, and I'd love to go somewhere without WiFi! Where are you thinking?

Steve Bell

Saturday 13th of March 2021

Fantastic advice as always, love your website, do you have an Instagram page?


Monday 15th of March 2021

Yes, but just started paying attention to it 😉 Would love the follow

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